Couple Wake To Find Naked Man Sleeping In Their Bed

shockingA couple, Chris and Katie, in Sydney were horrified to find a 25-year-old naked man in their bed. The intruder was snoozing at about 1.45 am, when he was discovered. When challenged, the stranger simply picked his clothes and made for the door before the bewildered couple could call the police. Just about then, he began to convulse and an ambulance was called in. He was taken to a hospital where he is being treated, and before police begin questioning him over aggravated break and entry. The unnamed intruder was suspected to be on drug. The couple also believed the stranger must have gained access to their bedroom through a window left open for the cat.

“It was terrifying,” Katie  told Sydney's Daily Telegraph.

“Chris [her partner] is on one side, I’m in the middle and then our stranger on the end right in with us. So just the sense of someone next to me who shouldn’t be there.”

She said she did not know how long the stranger had been in the bed.

“That’s kind of the scary part, how long he might have looking at us thinking it's a good idea to get into bed with these guys,” she said.

“He was asleep, I could feel heat.”


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