Ex-Minister, Abba Moro, Says Parradang Corrupt And Rebellious

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Abba Moro,  who served as interior minister in the immediate past administration, has reacted to claims by the recently sacked comptroller-general of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), David Parradang, that he meddled in the running of the service to his (Parradang) detriment. Moro, in a statement on Sunday, said Parradang was insubordinate, undermined his authority as minister under whose portfolio the service was.  Titled, “Immigration Suspension Saga: My Story,” Moro's statement denied he (Moro) corrupted the NIS as Parradang alleged. 

“In the course of my duty as the minister of interior, I noticed Mr Parradang demonstrated  crash insubordination, complete disregard for constituted authority and indiscipline.

“Contrary to the vituperations of the hirelings in the Immigration Service, I fought hard to clean  the rot and corruption in the Service. Rather than cooperate to reposition the Service, Mr  Parradang frustrated every of my effort.
“Mr Parradang frustrated all efforts to investigate expatriate quota administration abuse with   allegations of illegal grant of expatriate quota by immigration officers, frustrated all efforts by   the committee on certificate forgery by setting up a parallel committee whose report never saw the  light of day. Mr Parradang frustrated all efforts to investigate contracts he awarded and paid for  without contract execution.”

The former interior minister accused Parradang of “cheap blackmail” following allegations by the  latter that he (Moro) interfered in the promotions of staff and relegated Parradang to the  background thereby making him (Parradang) unable to carry out his duties. Moro said as minister of interior, he operated within the confines of his mandate according to the  law.

“The duties of the comptroller-general of immigration are well spelt out in the Nigeria Immigration  Act. If I am so powerful as to prevent the immigration boss from his clearly defined duties, then  Mr David Parradang, should examine himself whether he is competent for the job. It is pure cheap  blackmail,” Moro said.

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