Fear Of Buhari Grips Nigerian Customs Boss, Abdullahi, As He Resigns

abdullahi dikkoDikko Abdullahi, comptroller-general,Nigerian Customs Service, Dikko Abdullahi, has elected to resign on Tuesday, admonishing others occupying such positions not to wait until they shoved out by the current administration. He also said he was leaving to allow the younger generation take over.

“The time I’m leaving is the time I feel those young ones that have developed the software can come up and manage the software,” he told journalists Monday after meeting the president.

“So that is basically the reason and I’m sending out this signal to all those who have stayed put.

“Don’t stay until you are asked you to go. When you feel you have done so much and you believe in the system you have built, then why do you stay? Why don’t you be an umpire? Leave, be by the side and watch and advise,” he said.

Mr. Abdullahi left after putting in six years as the head of Customs, one of Nigeria’s main revenue sources besides oil and gas.

Abdullahi wrote to the president on August 3 seeking permission to stand down, a request the latter granted 11 days later. Abdullahi told journalists on Monday that the revenue profile increased by 20 percent under him.

“Revenue appreciated by 20 percent from when I took over and the officers that did the work are still around and I think that the NCS – I stand to be corrected- is the only service that is fully automated in the system of operation,” he said, saying it is time for the younger generation who built the automated systems to take over.

“We have no fear,” he added.

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