Ghasthly Accident Kills Five, Rips Car Apart In South Africa

carAn early morning accident on R21 in South Africa led to five deaths, while the Audi Q7 the occupants rode in upended on its roof and another car ripped to pieces, the Sowetan Live reported. 

Four people from the torn vehicle were found lying on the highway. Another person was found in the vehicle.  All of them were male believed to be  between the ages of 25 and 35 years of age.  They were declared dead on the scene. 

The driver of the Audi was found alive, walking around on the scene with minor injuries. Paramedics assessed him and transported him to a local hospital for treatment.

The exact circumstances of the accident are unknown but it is believed that one of the vehicles collided with the side barrier of the road before it was ripped into pieces.

Source: Sowetan Live

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