Lagos Landlady Flees, As Tenant Burns To Death


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The police in Lagos said they are looking for an unnamed landlady, who is being accused of lighting her tenant’s son in Ajeromi, in Ajegunle area of the state. The deceased, identified only with one name – Emmanuel – was said to have burnt to death last Tuesday. But the said landlady, according to the Vanguard, denied the accusation and claimed Emmanuel must have mistakenly lit himself while trying to set the house on fire. Emmanuel’s burning body was found his sister who was just returning to the house, in which they live in a one-room apartment.

But while proper investigation is yet to begin, some of the other tenants were said to have disproved Emmanuel’s family’s accusation that the landlady set him on fire. They wondered why only the window of Emmanuel’s apartment burnt in the building, and claimed he was the only one at the scene of fire. They also seemed to believe Emmanuel could be up to a mischief before being caught in the petrol fire.

The report stated that the fleeing landlady, her family and the deceased’s family have had a history of conflicts, and severally reported to the Ajeromi Police Station.  The concerned tenants blamed the Ajeromi policemen for not doing enough to end the hostility between the two families before the latest occurrence.

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