Man Attempts To Stop Plane About To Fly

plaMarc Rehmar , 58, who arrived late for an Ohio-bound flight, was reported to have attempted to stop a plane from flying. He was said to have run onto the concourse and “forcibly” opened a locked emergency exit door, triggering an alarm. Rehmar was later arrested and, upon questioning, told police he was to attend a 40-year secondary school reunion. He was subsequently arraigned on one count of endangering public transportation, a felony, and one misdemeanor count of hindering transportation.  

“Rehmar did then run out of the door into a sterile area of the airport and chased down on foot, a tug and tug driver who was actively engaged in pushing back … (an) aircraft filled with passengers,” the police stated in an a affidavit. The report by Associated Press said the thug driver was forced to stop, and Rehmar then allegedly insisted on boarding the plane.

Rehmar is free on a $10,000 bond and is due back in court on Friday to be formally advised of the charges, Kimbrough said

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