Mugabe’s Wife Launches Ice Cream Range, Corners 30% Of The Market


Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwean president, Dr. Robert Mugabe, has launched a new range of ice creams and chocolates that is proving very popular in the country.

Mrs. Mugabe's Alpha Omega Dairy Company is already producing milk products, yoghurt and other dairy products.

Zimbabwe’s Agriculture minister, Joseph Made, was quoted by Eyewitness News as saying that after only three years, the Alpha Omega Dairy Company had already cornered 30 percent of the local market.

About 72 percent of the population in Zimbabwe is thought to live below the poverty line.

The World Food Programme, WFP, notes that food and nutrition security in Zimbabwe is still very fragile. It also notes that rural poverty has increased from 63 percent in 2003 to 76 percent in 2014.  WFP also states that many Zimbabweans struggle to meet their daily food needs.

But this hasn’t deterred the Zimbabwe First Lady, who is notorious for her lavish spending and controversial utterances.

Mrs. Mugabe reportedly insinuated that the reason her husband is still in office is because God wants to be.

"Just ask yourself why God continues giving a 91-year-old strength to lead the country. Where have you ever seen a 91-year-old who can stand for two hours?," New quoted her as saying.


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