Pastor Abandons Wife, Seen Having Sex With Member In Church


churchProphet Femi Oseni abandoned his family and was caught having sex with a member in the church office, his wife, Doris Oseni, told a court.  Seeking a  divorce, Doris Oseni, told a Customary Court in Ondo town, Ondo State, how her husband of 12 years stopped loving her and began cheating with different women, including church membbers. She alleged her husband suddenly changed toward her seven years into their childless marriage. She also alleged the husband has had a child out  of wedlock. Oseni’s plea that the marriage should not be dissolved, while claiming to love his wife, was rejected by the court president, Joshua Adunbi. Adubi said the wife had shown she was no longer interested, leading his dissolving the marriage. He ordered the wife to  pay N2,500 to Oseni, as dowry paid on her and gave 30 days of appeal if either of the couple is dissatisfied with the ruling.

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