Sacked Journalist Returns To Kill Two Former Colleagues On Live Television

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Vester Flanagan, who was sacked from WDBJ-TV, a Virginian television station, in 2013 returned Wednesday to shoot his former colleagues, Adam Ward and Alison Parker dead. The attack occurred while the two journalists were on a live recording of an interview with a local, who was also shot, but survived. Flanagan was angry Ward, a cameraman, had filmed him the day he was sacked and was been escorted out of the television station by the police. He reportedly fired for poor performance and for always playing the race card. In another television station where he worked, Falagan, had accused a producer of calling him a ‘monkey’, amidst other incendiary comments he claimed others passed on him.

He had planned suicide and written to a national television, claiming to have been racially victimised for being black and gay man. He was said to have held a phone to film his shooting of Ward, Parker and Vicki Gardner, the interviewee.

He would later post the images to Twitter while being pursued by the police. Falagan, in his Twitter post said Parker made 'racist comments' and that a complaint was filed against her through the equal employment opportunity commission, but his station chose to hire her anyway.

Rather than yield to arrest during the police chase, Falagan, an African American, killed himself.

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