Uncle Rapes 12-Year-Old Niece, Gives Her Livestock Drug To Prevent Pregnancy

rapeA man allegedly tied his niece before raping her, a South African court heard. The unnamed man was also said to have given the 12-year-old a medicinal substance used on livestock. He had done so in the hope that the girl would not  become pregnant, Sowetan Live, reported. The substance is believed to be responsible for why she cannot walk except with the aid of a stick. She also vomits constantly and has severe stomach cramps. The man was arraigned in the Lichtenburg Magistrate's Court on Monday and was remanded in custody. The girl said after the rape, her uncle told her he would give her something that would prevent her from falling pregnant.

She said her uncle boiled water and made tea for her. He poured a solution called Drastic Deadline into her tea and gave her two blue tablets to swallow.

A veterinarian from the Agricultural Research Council, Dr Baratang Lubisi, described Drastic Deadline as a solution used on cattle, dogs, sheep and ostriches to control ticks and flies. "It is not for human use. We wear protective gloves before applying it to the animals. It is poured onto the animals' back. It is absorbed by the animal's skin . to control ticks. It also sterilises female ticks," Lubisi said.

The girl's mother said the man is her husband's brother. The man had allegedly raped the girl before but "his family said we must drop the charges because he is family".

She said the same man told her he wanted a love relationship with the girl and she told him that she will not allow him to be in love with her daughter. "He then told me that he will show me," the girl's mother said. 

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