12 Year Old Beats Einstein’s IQ Record


A 12 year old British girl, Lydia Sebastian, has beaten ancient brainy, Albert Einstein in a Mensa IQ test.

Lydia, who is from Langham in East Anglia, scored the  highest possible mark in the IQ test. The second year student  of  Colchester County High School for Girls sat for the test while on holidays.

[caption id="attachment_12238" align="alignleft" width="263"]Lydia Sebastian Lydia Sebastian[/caption]

According to her dad, Arun, Lydia had wanted to take the test for over a year.

Mensa is the oldest intelligence society in the world, and membership is restricted to those whose IQ test scores are within the top two per cent of all results.

The average score on the test is 100, so anyone who gets a score of 132 or higher is eligible for entry.

Members in the UK pay £55 each year to connect with other intelligent people from all around the world.

The youngest member of British Mensa is two and a half years old, so Lydia is not quite the youngest in the country. But Lydia, who described the test as 'easier than she expected',  has the record of scoring the most marks.


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