Blame Imoke, PDP, For My ‘Defection’ To APC – Ndoma-Egba

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Victor Ndoma-Egba, a former senate leader from Cross Rivers state, says his planned defection to the All Progressives Congress, APC, was because the state Governor Liyel Imoke and the Peoples Democratic Party in the state shut him out of the party. He spoke in an interview with ThePUNCH. Ndoma-Egba said he had not been invited to any of the party's meeting in the last three years either.  "You recall the events in the Peoples Democratic Party in Cross River State in the last three years. More energy was spent pursuing Victor Ndoma-Egba than were spent on winning elections; they even celebrated their loss because they imagined that I was going to get an appointment",Ndoma-Egba stated.

He said "the sole objective of the party was denying Victor Ndoma-Egba political space and I became their only issue. For three years, I have not been invited to any meeting of the PDP in Cross River State and this is understandable. The party shut its doors against me a long time ago. I still have political life and I have no plans to retire from politics. And to play politics, I need a platform and PDP has become hostile and inhospitable, so I move on". Asked if he had forgiven the governor for the role he played regarding his displacement from the party, the former senate leader, said "I have nothing against him (Imoke). He did not do anything to me that was not the will of God. I am a Christian and I believe that everything that happens to a believer has God’s seal". Ndoma-Egba also discountenanced alleged opposition to his joining the APC by some members of the party in the state, saying there are "misinformed".

"I hear a few people carried placards against my joining the party in Calabar but the party has since disclaimed them. In any case, I am from Cross River central and not Cross River south where the motley placard carriers are from. However, the six chapter chairmen in Cross River Central had been here to invite me to join the party. The zonal vice-chairman (central) has formally invited me to join; the elders of the party have also invited me to the party. I am consulting widely, both at the national, state, zonal, chapter and ward levels of the party and I am being welcomed".


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