‘Cruel’ Dad Locks Up Wife, Son, In Cage For Years, Feed Them Dog Food, Petrol

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A cruel father was said to have locked his wife and grown up autistic son in a cage for years, feeding them dog food and gasoline to drink. He was arrested by the police through a tip off from relatives. The man, Oviedo, 66, who works as a construction worker, was said to have chained his wife, 61, and son, 32, in the bricks, wood and metal bar structure. Mirror reported the wife showed signs of having psychiatric problems, while son could barely talk, when they were rescued. The police is to arraign Oviedo for kidnapping and keeping his family in servitude.  

The Argentine, Oviedo, was reported to once said to his son that he 'wished he had never been born, but something happened'. He faces 15 years in jail, if convicted on the two counts or a life sentence for the aggravating circumstances. The victims have been taken into a hospital, the report stated.

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