Ebola: Survivor Suffers More Heartbreak


[caption id="attachment_12417" align="alignleft" width="281"]Yillia Baby Barnabas, Victoria's Baby[/caption]

It was the new beginning that Victoria Yillia, an Ebola survivor from Sierra Leone, had yearned for after losing 21 relatives to the disease: a newborn who would allow her and her husband to start a new family.

But only weeks after the baby they named Barnabas was born, he died of an infection that overwhelmed his tiny body. In the Ebola-ravaged community of Kenema, the baby who already had become a symbol of rebirth and renewal was buried Thursday, the day after he died.

The baby, born Aug. 9, was discharged from Kenema's hospital without any apparent health problems despite his mother's near brush with death in the hospital's Ebola ward one year earlier.

However, after he developed a fever, he was rushed back to the hospital Monday.

Elizabeth B.M. Kamara, the head nurse matron at the Kenema hospital, said the cause of the baby's death was an infection and was not believed to be related to Ebola. (Denver Post)

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