Fear Made Obasanjo Call Me “Fayose” When We Met – DSP

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Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, a former Bayelsa state governor, has recounted two encounters he had with former President Olusegun, who he believed jailed him. He told Vanguard, in an interview, that in one of the encounters aboard a flight to Dubai, the former president out of confusion when he sighted him addressed him as "Fayose" (mentioning the name of Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose). Alamieyeseigha said he was already seated in the business class of the plane when Obasanjo came in, and on sighting him, "he no choice but to greet me". "But because of possible fear of seeing me, Obasanjo called out ‘Fayose, Fayose, Fayose.’  He said Obasanjo said to him ‘DSP,  is it only you that entered prison? Don’t you remember that I was also imprisoned? You entered prison and I also did. I protested to him that I am not Fayose and I said: ‘Former President Olusegun Matthew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo, you are a devil incarnate.’ I warned him not to talk again or he would face my anger. And I tell you, throughout the flight he could not say anything to me". Alamieyeseigha said the second encounter was at the wedding of one of the daughters of former President Umaru Ya'rdua in Kastina state. "I did not know that he (Obasanjo) was at the VIP Lounge at the Katsina Airport to attend the marriage of the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s daughter. Obasanjo came face to face with me at the airport when I went to use one of the rest rooms. It happened that as I opened the door to ease myself, I saw Obasanjo sitting face to face with me and he almost passed out", he stated. “But I held his hands. He (Obasanjo) was scared and he felt uneasy all through. Then he began to ask ‘DSP, DSP, DSP! What have I done to deserve shaking your hands?’ There were many people there, one of them was Kenny Martins, the then chairman of the Police Equipment Fund. “I told Obasanjo ‘I was only shaking you for two reasons: one-because of the fear of the Almighty God, who created us and two, for the fact that I am the Ganuma Katsina and you are a visitor to my emirate and tradition demands that I should welcome visitors’. 

“That prompted Kenny to get up also and greet me, saying ‘great leader, great leader’ and he came and hugged me.’’ Alameyeseigha was jailed for corruption during the administration of Obasanjo, who he claimed instigated his ordeal. The former governor was held in London for carrying huge amount of foreign currency. He was investigated and detained by the Metropolitan Police. Alameyeseigha jumped bail in the U.K and surprisingly appeared in Nigeria, dressed like a woman. He was impeached, tried and convicted for money laundering and stealing. His, then, deputy, (former president) Goodluck Jonathan was installed governor.


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