I Didn’t Promise Specific Achievements In 100 Days, Buhari Says

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President Muhammadu Buhari has struggled to rig himself out of alleged denial of a document, “My Covenant With Nigerians”, ostensibly stating what he would achieve in 100 days in office. On Tuesday, presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, insisted the president did not promise specific things in 100 days in office. Shehu also denounced, as he did earlier, the documents, claiming it didn’t emanate from the appropriate communication directorate of the now president and the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC.
“We prefer to talk about milestones instead of achievements. Whether the milestones represent achievements or not, that is left for the people to decide. Milestones have been achieved which are important for the country,” he stated. Shehu referred critics of the government on its alleged denial of the document to Buhari’s speech at the Chatham House in London, during the electioneering campaigns.

An excerpt of the speech Shehu quoted claimed the Buhari, while answering a question about what he would do in 100 days, said:

 ‘The second one: high expectations and what to do with the first 100 days. Yes, I respect that question because quietly I was thinking about these high expectations.
‘Just to go first to the “first 100 days”, some of it is fraudulent and I don’t want to participate in any fraud in any form. Nigerians know that we are in trouble as a people and as a country. When we get there, we will quickly get correct intelligence of what is on the ground and inform Nigerians and just learn what I have just read.”

President Buhari and the APC have been pilloried for denouncing the document. Online newspaper, PREMIUM TIMES, in a fact-check it published on Monday, said the president, his party and media handlers lied on the veracity and authorship of the document. The newspaper said the document was pushed out to the media by the APC presidential communication handlers. It specifically mentioned Egghead Odewale, who worked at the APC communications bureau, as one of those who frantically pushed the document to the media for increased publicity. PREMIUM TIMES also said the party’s publicity secretary, Lai Mohammed, alluded to the document on a Channels television programme.

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