Jonathan, Wife, Angry With Ex-Aide Over $50 Million – Ijaw Group

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An Ijaw group, Izon Ibe Youth Assembly, has alleged a rift between former President Goodluck Jonathan, his wife, Patience, and an ex-presidential aide, Waripamowei Dudafa, over some $50 million. The group’s statement queried ‘how Dudafa came about the money and why he fled the country’. The group suggested the money was the reason Dudafa and the Jonathans’ are at loggerheads.

“Why is he fighting his former boss (Jonathan) and the wife (Patience)? Is it because he was told to return their money in his possession and he refused? But no matter how far he would probably go in his actions as a traitor, nemesis will catch up with him”, the group stated.

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IYA also alleged Dudafa has been releasing incriminating documents, including that of the $6.9 million public stage contract. The stage contract scandal names a former chief security officer to Jonathan, Gordon Obuah, former petroleum minister, Diezani Allison-Madueke and Jonathan. The Ijaw group said Dadufa’s motif on the exposure was to avoid being probed by the Department of State Service over his activities in the last government.

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