Melaye, Kinsmen, Protest Marginalisation By Wada

[caption id="attachment_9236" align="alignleft" width="400"]Melaye Melaye[/caption]

Dino Melaye, senator representing Kogi West, has said his kinsmen from Yoruba speaking Okun tribe have been marginalised in appointments by the state Governor Idris Wada. Meleye, in his statement to journalists, alleged that no person of Okun tribe has been appointed or employed into the state civil service by the governor since 2013.

He alleged that the governor’s tribesmen from Igalla (Kogi East) has 94 per cent of junior staff and 76.60 per cent of senior staff, Kogi East has 1.5 per cent and 16.60 per cent of junior and senior staff respectively” in the employment of the Kogi state University,

He claimed the Okun people have benefitted only far lower employment than those from “Kogi Central (Ebira people) and even non-indigenes, have in the state owned institution."

Melaye said his people will "no longer continue to fold their arms and allow a single senatorial district to continue cornering the greatest percentage of the resources of the state."

He gave the governor one month to correct the asymmetry in political appointments and employment, threating “massive civil disobedience and do all within the law to liberate our people”.

"A stitch in time saves nine. The battle to fight for our rights even with the last drop of our blood, is a battle of no retreat, no surrender. Igalla people, enough is enough!," he stated.

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