Parents Feed Baby With Formula Mixed With Vodka


[caption id="attachment_13166" align="alignleft" width="287"]The Baby With Her Mum The Baby With Her Mum[/caption]

A six-week-old girl, in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), US,  has been mistakenly given baby formula mixed with two shots of vodka. Police Spokesman, Bradley Hetlet, said on Thursday in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), that the baby had a blood alcohol level of 0.294, more than three times the legal limit for an adult driver, after receiving the vodka-tainted formula. The mother said she had filled a container with water and had left the room. The father, unknowingly, had emptied the container and filled it with vodka. The unsuspecting mum had then used the supposed water from the container to make the baby's food. Hetlet said several fights ensued between the girl's 22-year-old father and her mother, family members and police as rescue workers arrived and then rushed the baby to a hospital. He said investigators believe it was a mistake and the girl's parents will not be charged for the alcohol incident. (Daily Mail)


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