Sensational headlines aid Boko Haram- DHQ

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Acting Director, Defence Information, Col. Rabe Abubakar has accused the media of aiding islamic insurgents, Boko Haram in its activities. According to him, the insurgents depended on the news to instill fear in the citizens and encourage themselves that they were still relevant even while they are failing.

Abubakar also urged the Nigerians to be calm as the military was in total control of the situation. He pointed out  suicide bombing as a sign that the center of gravity of the insurgents was displaced.

He said this at an interview on monday when he paid a courtesy visit to Mr Ima Niboro, Managing Director of the News Agency of Nigeria.

Niboro, however, urged a media blackout on Boko Haram activities, advising that it should wield its powers with a greater sense of responsibility.

He said that as long as the media keeps using sensational headlines, the insurgents would have a reason to continue.

"We are helping Boko Haram with our headlines, if we stop those headlines, Boko Haram will fizzle out because there’s no incentive.

"The Nigerian media must wield its immense power with all so tremendous sense of responsibility because it is the lives of our people that are at stake.

"We must help the government succeed and how can we help the government succeed if we celebrate the wickedness of terrorists on the front pages of our newspapers and on the screens of our television sets."

Niboro also expressed confidence in the ability of the Nigerian Armed Forces to end  the insurgency, canvassing for greater public support for the ongoing counter-insurgency operation.

He also suggested a united effort by the Nigerian Armed Forces to help end the current insecurity in the country.

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