Spy Camera Films Inmate, Human Rights Activist Having Sex In Prison

prisonA spy camera caught a human rights activist and a Russian mafia boss having sex in the prison, the Mailonline reported. The human rights activist had visited the prison to check if the mafia boss was being treated well, but prison bosses became suspicious when her stay took longer than necessary. They were said to have secretly filmed the two in the act. The footage shows the woman entering the cell and quickly stripping off to have sex with the unidentified criminal at the prison in Sverdlovsk Oblast in central Russia. The rendezvous, believed to have taken place in April, sparked outrage after it was leaked to the local media. It is reported she had been a regular visitor to the jail until this video emerged. People complained the mobster, who was convicted for his connections to organised crime, is living in comfort with a wooden bed, rather than the standard prison issue, as well as chairs, a coffee table and paintings on the wall.

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