Stop Watching Soundcity, P-Square Tell Fans


[caption id="attachment_13010" align="alignleft" width="177"]P-Square Manager: Jude Okoye P-Square Manager: Jude Okoye[/caption]

Peter Okoye, member of the twin band, P-Square, has told their fans to stop watching Soundcity, a cable music channel. According to him, fans who stick to Soundcity will not have the opportunity of seeing their videos. This is believed to be connected to a rift between the station and the manager of the band, Jude Okoye. The station was said to have invited the band to an event sometime last year. To the station's amazement, the band manager had demanded that money be paid, undermined their partnership and questioned their role in supporting the band. Jude's request had shocked the station as they claim to have been good partners of the band for close to 10 years.  The station has vowed never to play any P-Square related video. In retaliation, the band has gone ahead to tell its fans to keep watching "other great channels" for their video.






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