Syrian Refugees: We Will Make 12,000 Permanent Residents – Australian PM


[caption id="attachment_12879" align="alignleft" width="255"]Australian Prime Minister: Tony Abbott Australian Prime Minister: Tony Abbott[/caption]

Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has said that his country would take in 12,000 Syrian refugees.

Tony Abbott also said the country would provide 44 million Australian Dollars (about $32m) in aids to them.

He said the refugees will be taken as permanent settlers. This comes after the initial 13,750 refugees to be taken this year.

The government had been pressured by church groups and some of its own members to prioritise Christian refugees but Abbott said the refugees would come from all persecuted minorities.

Abbot also said that Australia would join coalition forces bombing Islamic State targets inside Syria.
Australia has six F/A-18 Hornet fighter-bombers attacking Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and they will now join US-led aerial forces in airstrikes on IS targets inside Syria.
Abbott said that IS needed to be degraded and destroyed wherever they were.



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