Trickster Kidnaps Boy, Trade Him Away For Crates Of Drink

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A trickster, identified as Jonathan Cooker, was  reported to have kidnapped a schoolboy at Cole Street, Lawanson, in Surulere area of Lagos, only to use him as a bait to defraud a shop owner of some crates of soft drinks. Cooker was said to have bought goods worth N51,000 and pleaded with the shop owner to hold on to the boy, whom he called his brother. Having being obliged his request, Cooker made to leave the store with the goods. Incidentally, someone familiar to the kidnapped child stopped and identified him. The stranger was said to have asked the boy what he was doing at the store, to which the boy responded that he was brought there by Cooker.

Cooker attempted to escape when he realized his trick had been exposed, but he.  promptly arrested and handed over to the police  


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