Woman, 59, Loses Eye In Dog Attack


A vicious attack by two dogs has cost a 59-year old woman an eye. She was saved from likely death by a driver who arrived the scene at the time of the attack.

The attack, which occurred in July, involved two pitbulls, Pixie and Rover, which are feared on Thole Street in Ngangelizwe kasi in Mthatha, South Africa.

According to dailysun.co.za, the woman, No Violet Mzukwa, was saved from possible death from the jaws of her neighbour’s  dogs by a driver, who saw the attack and stopped to help.

The man took off his belt and beat the dogs until they stopped their attack.

The woman said she remembers crawling into her house and the dog owners arriving to take her to the local clinic.

No Violet was admitted to Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital where she spent two weeks.

Her left eye was ripped out and flesh was ripped from her arm as she tried to shield herself.

She said the dog owners offered her R5 000 and an apology but she refused to accept it.

“I want to open a case because I’m still very traumatised by what those dogs did to me,” said NoViolet.

Lungisa Makhaya, son of the dog owners, confirmed the incident and said the family had assisted where possible with money for medical bills.

He said on the day of the attack, there was power outage.

“I found it strange that the gate was open and the dogs were gone.

“I whistled for them and they returned. Soon after we heard about the attack. We made her an offer but she said she wanted to speak to her in-laws about it,” Lungisa said.


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