Ijaw Youths Warn Buhari Against Stopping Illegal Oil Bunkering


The Ijaw Youth Council president, Udengs Eradiri has warned President Muhammadu Buhari against stopping illegal oil bunkering in the Niger Delta. He said the government has not made any provisions to engage the youths of the region productively. He also warned that the youths might be forced to return to militancy if the Federal Government fails to provide employment.

"As the government is stopping them from their means of livelihood, the people must also be involved in the participation of their resources.

"When they are denied access to their own resources, it would give rise to another form of militancy in the region," he warned.

The IYC president also advised the Buhari-led government to properly investigate the allocation of oil blocks saying the President should investigate the owners of the blocks to show his sincerity with his anti-corruption war.


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