Man Beheads Five-Year-Old Boy For Being A ‘Witch’

macheteA man, Tirumala Rao, 35, was alleged to have seized a five-year-old from a nursery south Indian town of Pokuru, in Andhra Pradesh, and beheaded him for being a witch. Rao took the boy to his house where he was said to have held a prayer ritual before cutting off his head, after which he collected his blood in a vessel and sprinkled it all over his house. The victim’s mother, L Adilakshmi, having being told by a neighbour Rao was sighted with her child raced to his house to find the decapitated body of the boy. Fleeing Rao was caught, tied to a pole, doused in kerosene and set ablaze. While he burnt, Rao was reported to have said he could bring the boy to life, but his claim was ignored by the aggrieved local. He was rescued by the police and recovering in a hospital.  

Courtesy: Indian Express

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