Saudi Wife Faces Jail For Video-Shaming Cheating Husband

saudi wifeA Saudi wife faces jail for filming her husband while trying to cheat on her with their maid. The video posted to the internet by the wife showed the husband trying to force himself on the maid, who apparently rebuffed his advances. He was also seen kissing the maid. The video, titled: #SaudiWomanCatchesHusbandCheating, trended heavily on the social media, garnering more than 25,000 mentions in 12 hours. But the video may undo the wife, as a penalty for what she did have been said to attract SR500,000 (£87,214) fine or a year jail term, Majid Qaroob, a lawyer stated. The lawyer explained the punishment is in line with the law on information technology crimes. 'This law includes stiff punishment for anyone using mobile phones with camera or other equipment to photograph others and defame them,' he said.


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