Activists Say IS Raped, Stoned Four Women To Death For Adultery

ISIS1Some Kurdish activists have said that terrorist group, IS were responsible for raping the four women they stoned to death for adultery. The activists said the women were tried without the identities of the men involved revealed. The case, judged in a Sharia court in Mosul, Iraq has been strongly linked to the fighters of the group.

Speaking to the pro-Kurdish Syrian media outlet ARA News, local activist Raafat Zarari reportedly said the victims were arrested on Wednesday last week and “stoned to death in front of a large crowd of people in central Mosul” just a day later. Another activist, Abdullah al-Malla said the women were sentenced without details about the men they had been involved with.

“The statement of the Sharia Court… avoided mentioning the men,” he said.

“Apparently, the victims have been raped by Isis jihadis and then stoned to death on charges of committing adultery.”

In its latest report on the atrocities meted out by Isis in Iraq, released last month, the UN said the group “regularly forces people to gather in public places in Mosul to watch punishments imposed by its self-appointed courts, including stoning and beheadings”.

Mosul has been under Isis control since it was taken by the group in June 2014. A “caliphate” across the jihadists’ territories in Syria and Iraq was declared just days later. Kurdish armed forces have pushed their frontline to just a few miles north of the city and are preparing for an assault – but do not have a capacity to take such a large city without the support of the Iraqi government and international community.

While they wait, talks about a ceasefire in neighbouring Syria have produced tentative results. That “cessation of hostilities”, agreed to start on Thursday, does not include Isis and other jihadist groups.

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