Health Workers To Begin Nationwide Strike Wednesday

Minister of Health: Prof. Isaac Adewole
Minister of Health: Prof. Isaac Adewole

Health workers in the public sector have said they would commence an indefinite strike from Wednesday. The strike comes after a 15-day ultimatum the Joint Health Sector Unions and Assembly of Healthcare Professional Associations had handed the Federal Government to accede to their 10-point demands. The workers are calling for the heads of federal health institutions to be designated “Chief Executive Officers” as against the present “Chief Medical Directors”. They decried the marginalisation of their members who contribute about 95 percent of health workers for the country. They demanded the implementation of the promotion of its members from CONHESS 14 TO 15 as directors sanctioning defaulting hospital managements.

They also demanded that the HoS should ensure the expedited issuance of an enabling circular authorising consultancy cadre for health professionals, who have adhered to due process, to be vested with consultancy status. They asked for the payment of arrears of specialist allowances to qualified hospital-based health professionals with effect from January 1, 2010 and immediate and full payment of arrears of the skipping of CONHESS 10, which has remained outstanding since the year 2010.

The workers also asked the Federal Ministry of Health for a circular on residency programmes for all health professionals in Nigeria to ensure professional capacity development in the health sector.

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