Husband Pounds Cheating Wife To Death in Ebonyi state, south-east Nigeria, has reportedly pounded his wife to death over marital infidelity. The story says that James Uguru was in his house with his wife, identified as Jacinta, when they heard a phone rang. Uguru leaped from the bed to trace the strange sound, but his wife held him back. While Uguru tried to wriggle his way out of his wife's grip, a man suspected to be Jacinta's lover ran out hiding and bolted from the couple's home. It was alleged that Jacinta still prevented her husband from chasing the stranger. Uguru became angry and descended on Jacinta until she passed away. George Okafor, assistant police superintendent and spokesman for Ebonyi Police Command, reportedly confirmed the story. Before the incident in Izzi Local Government Area of the state, the cuckolding man had reportedly suspected his wife of cheating with another man a long time ago.

Source: Vanguard

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