Nigerian-American Kelvin Olusola Wins Grammy


Kevin Olusola, an American born by a Nigerian father Oluwole Olusola, nicked a Grammy at the recently held edition of the prestigious award at the Staples Centre, Los Angeles. Kelvin Olusola, known also as KO, won the ‘Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Cappella’ category with his group Pentatonix. He won the award for the second consecutive time. 

Quick facts about Kelvin Olusola

Twenty-eight-year old Kelvin Olusola was born in Owensboro Kentucky, to Nigerian-born Oluwole Olusola, a psychiatrist, and Grenadian-born Curline Paul, a nurse. At that time, his father had just come from medical school in Nigeria and internship in Trinidad and Tobago to Loma Linda University, where he met his wife while she was doing her MPH.

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