Somalian President Reveals Boko Haram’s Training Ground

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud

Somali President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has said that terror group Boko Haram trained in Somalia before moving to Nigeria to terrorise the North-East. Mohamud said this on Sunday while addressing a security conference in Germany.

“Without a stable Somalia, the whole region of the Horn of Africa will remain unstable and by and large, the African continent. There are proofs and evidence that (for) some time Boko Haram has been trained in Somalia and they went back to Nigeria.

“The terrorists are so linked together, they are associated and so organised, (that) we the world we need to be so organised,” Mohamud was quoted as saying.

Somalia itself has been struggling wit terrorist attacks with the latest being the blowing open of the side of a plane early February. Somalia’s al Shabaab, linked to al Qaeda, wants to overthrow the government and introduce and extreme type of Islamic law.

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