Student Discovers Boiling River In Peru

Boiling river A doctorate student of geoscience, Andres Ruzo, has discovered a four-mile long river, the Mayantuyacu river, in the Amazons that boils. Ruzo said when his grand father had told a story about the river, he had thought it was impossible for such to exist. He believed that it would require a huge amount of geothermal heat to boil even a small river, and the Amazon basin is far from any active volcanoes.

The story his grand father told him goes that after the murder, the Spanish conquistador headed into the Amazon rainforest in search of gold. When they returned, the men spoke of a terrifying experience that involved poisoned water, man-eating snakes and a river that boils from below. Twelve years later, at a family dinner, Ruzo heard the river mentioned again when his aunt said that she had visited it.boiling river3

As a PhD student in geophysics at Southern Methodist University, Ruzo wanted to find the river for himself.  Despite his skepticism, Runzo found myself hiking into the jungle in 2011, guided by his aunt, far from the he nearest volcanic center.  He said he was mentally preparing to behold the legendary ‘warm stream of the Amazon – but what he saw was very different.  Runzo discovered a four mile ‘boiling river’ in the sacred geothermal healing site of the Asháninka people in Mayantuyacu.

At its widest, it is 82ft (25 metres), and around 20ft (six metres) deep. The water is hot enough to brew tea, according to a report in Gizmodo, and in some parts, it boils over. The river boils because of fault-fed hot springs.Boiling river2

Parts of the river are so hot that any animals that falls in boils instantly.  For some reason, the river has escaped scientific scrutiny. But Ruzo is on a mission to change that. He has published a book, ‘The Boiling River: Adventure and Discovery in the Amazon,’ that publicises the river for the first time.  Ruzo’s is now trying to save the boiling river. The surrounding forest has been destroyed by logging practices, and if action isn’t taken, the area could vanish entirely.

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