Woman’s Navel Goes Missing After Plastic Surgery

belly button
Lori Jones

A 45-year-old Texas resident has lamented the disappearance of her belly button after a tummy tuck surgery. Lori Jones had wanted her stomach to be shaped for the swimsuit season after multiple caesarean section left her with a herniated umbilical cord. After removing her bandages weeks later, she said she released her belly button had disappeared. She said the plastic surgeon, Dr Younan Nowzardan, who did the surgery he had not told her she would lose her belly button. She has approached a lawyer to sue Nowzardan who once appeared on a reality tv show.belly button2

“We never discussed me not having my belly button. He told me my belly button would be re-sectioned,” Jones argued.

“I said well damn. Wait, where is my belly button?” she asked.

Dr Nowzardan has said that he can recreate her belly button in about six months when she is healed.

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