Mexican Police Shoot Three Teachers Dead During Protest


By Oladehinde Kehinde

Mexican police are said to have shot dead three teachers during a clash between them and protesting teachers in Southern Mexico. Another 45 people, including many police officers, were injured, British broadcasting Corporation, BBC, said. The protest followed the arrest in the state of Oaxaca, two high-profile union leaders accused of corruption, which union leaders, namely Ruben Nunez and Francisco Villalobos said was politically-induced. However, Mexico's National Security Commission said, in a statement, the policemen involved in the operation were not carrying guns. The authorities said the police were trying to clear the roads when unknown gunmen began firing at both sides in order to create chaos and conflict. President Enrique Pena Nieto's reform in 2013 to assess teachers teachers' performance has sparked bitter opposition from the teachers.

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