Repair Your Rickety Vehicles Or Lose It- FG Warns


IMG_20151214_161932-785278By Tony Nwanne


The Federal government has given a mandate that all rickety vehicles should be taken off the road in Abuja, as owners of such vehicles are given till September 1, before the enforcement kicks off.

The Managing Director of Temple Resources, the firm that manages the computerised vehicle inspection machine system in the territory, in partnership with the FCT Administration, Segun Obayando, disclosed recently that the goal is to reduce danger on highways, adding that the ban will be enforced with the help of computerised vehicle inspection machine systems, which will be replicated in other states.

“This vehicle inspection is just coming in a computerised way. We have already commenced ICT training of staffs that will be deployed to other states of the federation for mass training of manpower on ICT. Our ICT has a backup in faraway France. In case of any fire gulping the equipment or theft, we will have no problems at all because our data are recorded from here to a databank over there in Paris."

  He stated that going by the massive awareness campaign being mounted, motorists in Abuja would know their rights, what to do and when to conduct thorough check on their vehicles to ensure their road worthiness.

Lamenting on the dangers of using such rickety vehicles, Obayando noted that, “the problem is that Nigerians keep managing and managing themselves to death.”

Obayando disclosed that his firm recently signed a working agreement with Lagos State on replication of the inspection system, noting that facilities already mounted in Niger State would be commissioned by the end of the month, while that of Anambra State was also ready for commissioning.

According to him, other states on line to embrace the project included Sokoto, Abia and Enugu states.



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