Angry Husband Kills Cheating Wife’s Lover



An angry husband has allegedly murdered his cuckolding wife’s lover in a community in Delta, South-South, Nigeria.

There are multiple accounts of what transpired between the man, identified only as Ochuko, and his wife’s cheating partner.

An account claimed that Ochuko’s wife sometime left him to live with her said lover, after which she returned to him.

Upon her return, Ochuko reportedly led her back to the said lover’s house, where an altercation ensued between the two men.

“When Rose returned, her husband asked her to take him to the home of her lover where serious fracas ensued”, a report quoted a resident saying.

In his apparent fit of rage, Ochuko was said to have stabbed the lover man to death, fleeing afterward.

The lover’s family retaliated by burning down Ochuko’s residence, while the woman was arrested.

The couple and the said lover lived on Emebiren Street, in the Warri South Local Government Area of Delta, the report claimed.

Celestina Kalu, spokesman for Delta Police Command, confirmed the lady’s arrest and that investigation is ongoing.”

By Ola Adeola

Source: PUNCH


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