Canada-based Nigerian Doctor Loses License Over Sexual Comments To Patients

A Nigerian medical doctor based in Canada has been forced out of the job for making sexual comments to his patients while examining them. Dr Adekunle Williams-Owolabi’s action forced the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador in St. Johns to suspend his license for six months and fine him $75,000 on Monday. Williams-Owolabi was reported to have told a patient that her clitoris was beautiful sparking rage in her. Arlene Johnson said he had said, “You have a beautiful clit, does your husband tell you that?” He was also found to have made similar comments to a pregnant woman who had removed her clothes from her waist down.

She said Owolabi asked, “Do you like big ones or small ones?”

Four patients, in all,  testified against him with complaints ranging from sensual touching to kissing.

The panel said that Owolabi’s inappropriate comments and touching of patients showed a lack of respect for their dignity and privacy. Therefore, it instructed him to have a chaperone present whenever he sees female patients in the next two years after returning to medical practice.

Owolabi-Williams, who studied in Nigeria, admitted hugging a patient but denied making any dirty remark. His lawyer, Paul Stokes, says they have not decided to appeal  the decision of the panel.

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