Clinton Knocks Trump In Fiery US Presidential Debate

By Ola Adeola

The two leading American presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debated Monday, but the latter is believed to have outperformed her rival.

Clinton puts Trump on the defensive by blaming him for being racist, sexist and a tax avoider.

Trump fired back at the former secretary of state, calling her long years of service “bad experience”.

Reuters says 68-year-old Clinton relentlessly raised questions bothering on Trump’s temperament, business acumen and knowledge, while Trump much of the debate time argued Clinton had achieved little in public life and wants to pursue President Barack Obama’s failed policies, which he alleged had shattered middle class, resulted in job loss and, outsourcing and over-regulation.

Also, its analysis claims Trump was repetitive and more undisciplined as the debate lasted.

It also said snap polls show Clinton leading Trump, a property tycoon. According to Reuters, a CNN/ORC snap poll said 62 percent of respondents felt Clinton won and 27 percent believed Trump was the winner.


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