I Am Confused, Torn Between Two Men – Lady

Hello Love and Life,

sad-womanMy name is Nkem. I am a 25-year-old lady, working with an advert agency in Lagos. I have been sad about my relationship lately, because my boyfriend of seven years. He lost his job two years ago and suddenly became an alcoholic. My pleading to make him change has failed. He also hardly goes to church and checks on me less frequently nowadays. But, I love him.

However, I met a new guy recently, who has been doting on me. He appears a nice person and pays attention to me. I am so confused right now that I don’t know whether to dump my boyfriend for the new guy. Please advise me.


Dear Nkem,

From your letter, your boyfriend didn’t hit the bottle until he lost his job two years ago. Apparently, the fate that befell him led to his excessive drinking and apathy to things he formerly considered dear to him, including your relationship.

Definitely, he has been unable to absorb the situation and reach for inner strength. This is the best time for you to demonstrate your love for him and help steer him from self-destruct. Leaving him for a complete stranger at this time may show you as being insensitive and unkind. I advise you continue to show him support while you also get people in his inner circle involved in this effort.

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