FG Slashes Unity Schools’ Admission Quotas

The Federal Government has slashed admission quotas into its Unity Schools across the country. The move is believed to be a measure to check the likely influx of students from private schools. The schools are said to be unable to accommodate more students, who predictably, will flood the schools in the new session following the rise in school fees of private schools in the country. Punch reports the slash is at 40 percent and is aimed at preventing an overstretch of existing facilities. It reported that King’s College and Queen’s College, both in Lagos, had admitted over 600 students last year but ave now been allocated only 400 slots this year.

The Deputy Director, Press and Public Relations, Federal Ministry of Education, Ben Bem-Goong, said the government had witnessed a rapid increase in application into its schools this year. He advised that private school owners review their fees downwards to prevent a possible crisis in the education sector.

“The withdrawal of pupils from private schools was reflected in the number of applications we received for unity schools this year. But, are we prepared to accept the large number of pupils from private schools? There is already a policy, which is being implemented. Admission quota has been cut so as not to overstretch facilities.

“As of last year, King’s College, Queen’s College and the Federal Science Technical College, Yaba, Lagos admitted 700 pupils each. But this year, the school with the highest quota has 400 pupils. That is the highest.

“A proprietor here in Abuja told me that almost half of her pupils have been withdrawn and I told her to review the tuition of her school. Yes, parents are running away from costs but the private schools will have to adjust their fees downward.  That is the right thing to do,” he said.

Private schools owners have complained that a large number of parents are groaning under the economic recession hence the withdrawal of their children from their schools.


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