‘My Fiancee Was My Father’s Bedmate’

sad-black-manDear Love & Life

I prefer to be anonymous. My girlfriend and I have courted for two years and, recently, picked our wedding date.

However, two months to our wedding, I received an anonymous e-mail exposing my fiancee’s sexual affair with my father. I confronted her with it, but she denied. I also asked my dad, who equally said it was  untrue.

A week to the ceremony, a picture of my fiancée and my father kissing each other was sent into my mail box. Again, I asked both of them and they confessed to an amorous affair, which occurred while my fiancée was an undergraduate. They both pleaded for forgiveness.

I love my dad and fiancée very much; in fact, they mean the world to me. What do I do?


Dear anonymous,

This must be very troubling to you. It’s important to know that marriage is a lifetime commitment and going into with a baggage isn’t a wise choice. How ever deep your love for your fiancée is, seeking a peaceful life together is most important. I will advise you let go of the planned marriage, if you can’t handle the revelation.  

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