How Blackface Introduced Me To Plantashun Boiz -Faze

Chibuzor Oji, who is popularly known as Faze, a member of the defunct music group Plantashun Boiz has revealed how his former group mate Blackface introduced him to the group.

Faze said that he owes much of his career success to Blackface in an interview on Saturday.

According to the singer, Blackface played an inspiring figure in his early career, always encouraging him to take up challenges.

He said, Blackface was the first person to believe in me and he was also the first person to believe in my talent.”

“He gave me the required push to succeed as an artiste and made me realise that I had a talent which could be expanded.”

“When I first started out, I used to go for talent hunt competitions and Blackface always urged me that I would win, surprisingly, I always won in those competitions.”

“He is part of my success story because he made me believe that I could break through in the industry.”

To help strengthen the power of their musical group, Blackface introduced the now grateful Faze to Plantashun Boiz.

He felt an addition like the soulful singer will add diversity to the setup.

“Blackface was the one that urged me to join the Plantashun Boys because the combination of himself and Tuface was not strong enough.”

“He felt that if a third party with their kind of flavour came into play, it would make the band better.”

“He was the one that made the decision and he was right. Shortly after I joined Plantashun Boys, Blackface advised me to move in with them at Festac.”

“He said that if I was going to be a part of them, I would have to stay with them so that we could all understand ourselves better and connect easily.”

“Right now, I am very close to Tuface and Blackface and we are like family.”

“If either of them has an event or wants a cameo appearance from me, I would always be there. I am going to do a song with Blackface very soon.”


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