How My Mother’s Prayers Helped Me Succeed – Okeimute

20160926_124250Talented Okeimute Ighorodje is the current winner of the MTN Project Fame Season 9. The 25-year-old Warri born singer, worked her way to emerge the winner. Okeimute delved into modelling at her early age while in Port Harcourt before she joined a music band, Blue Pearl Band, where she is one the vocalists. The bubbly singer who was rejected by The Voice Nigeria, went home with N5 million, a brand new car and a huge music contract.

In this interview with Tony Nwanne, the pretty singer talked about how her mother’s prayers helped her win the competition among other things.

Winning the MTN Project Fame Season 9, How is the feeling like?

I feel very overwhelmed because, coming out seeing to see a lot of love shown to me by audience and fans alone is wonderful, I feel very honored, I know it’s not my doing, but I just bless God for the opportunity.

On the final day of the show, you insisted that your mother should pray for you, what was the motive behind that?

Before now, my mother’s prayers have been working for me in most of the things I do, I make sure my mother prays for me. From my teenage age, I made sure she says one or two prayers for me. So seeing her that day I was like I really need her to pray for me before the show ends. I think the prayer worked.

So you didn’t know she was at the show?

 We weren’t given details that they will be there, but all I noticed was that I sighted her dancing in the crowd, and I insisted that she should pray for me.

Were you thinking of becoming the winner that day?

Well, if you have been following up, the competition, it was very tight. We have good singers who performed very well in the house. From when we were 15, till when we were dropped to six, the competition has been very tough. So asking if I was expectant is just God’s doing.

downloadWhat does this new phase of life mean to you?

Well, I will say Okeimute will continue to be Okeimute, but the fact remains that my career is going to be more tough for me now because, a lot of work will come and challenges will also come in the line of my career. But the thing is, I’m ready for the task.

Before now, have you been musically inclined?

Before now, I have been working with a music band (Blue Pearl) in Port Harcourt and I’ve been playing at events, places and churches.

Do you plan to go solo now?

 For now, I can’t really say, but what I know is that I will try and blend.

Have you ever thought of having an album at any point?

 In the band, we do our own music and we also remix people’s song, that’s just the idea of the band. Funny enough, I have always had it at the back of my mind that I will have my own album someday.

You were one of those who never went on probation while in the house, what was your game plan?

 I didn’t have any game plan, I came into the academy to learn a lot of things, watching people while in the class. So at some point, I told myself that there are so many things that I don’t know and I need to learn, that was just my idea. I learnt a lot and also put in my best.

 On the last day of the show, you performed Fada Fada by Phyno, why did you chose that sing?

 In the show, I have performed the song before and it was because of popular demand that made me perform it again. When I was given the song to I had to tell my choreographer the song I was asked to perform at the grand finale. Then she told me to put in my best, and to also try and fit into the singer’s shoe and make sure I get into character with the song, making it my song so I can perform it well.

We have past winners, what are your plans to be ranked the best among them?

 I wouldn’t say I would do better than them, but all I know is that I will definitely carve a niche for myself. Like Mrs. J (Joke Silva) usually say while in the academy, the sky is big enough to accommodate different stars, and as big as the sky is, it will definitely take whatever is coming. So I will definitely create a room for myself in the sky to explore.

 You now have a car and huge cash, how will these change your perception about life?

 First of all, this platform has thought us different things that I will continue to hold with my two hands. The platform is not just for music alone, as a singer, you must always have a plan to fall back on. So the platform is not just for singing alone, but one must have a backup plan. So for me, I wouldn’t say I will stick totally to music, because before I came here I was a model, and also from what I studied in school, Linguistic and Communication Studies. So there are so many things I could venture into, music which is the fore front of my career, but I have not really decided on what to do at the moment, but I will definitely stay focus and stay on line.

While in the academy, what motivated you, was it the cash of the car?

 The thing is that there is a huge pressure for any winner of a big platform like this one, people will be waiting to see what you can do and what you can produce. When I was there, at some point, I keep thinking on what I will do if I eventually become the winner. So at some point I just kept motivating myself because what is worth doing is worth doing well. That thought kept me going while in the academy. So most of the time, I gave my 100% to whatever I do on the stage. I just listened to my inner mind.

Was there any member that was evicted that changed your mood?

 Like I said, everybody came in with different styles, but for me I came with my own unique style of mingling with other contestants. When we came in at first, I noticed that everybody was talented and were indeed ready to impress the judges. When you feel you performed very well, another person beside you will do better than another person. So the things, all the contestants were very talented.

There was nobody sounding different, but for me, it’s a competition, and there must be a winner. I didn’t really feel moody when anybody was evicted because it would have been me, but I thank God I scaled through.

Now you are N5m richer, you can afford so many things now, what’s next?

 I’m not really materialistic, so I don’t really get to buy material things. I’m not planning to buy any expensive things and I don’t really have anything in mind to get now.

So what should we be expecting from you?

 People should just watch out for me.

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