Man Impregnates Goat

A man is reported to have had sex with and impregnated a goat. According to Ghanaweb, 19-year-old Yasaa Iba, from Atebubu in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana, was spotted by some residents having sex with the goat. He was said to have fled the scene after the witnesses raised an alarm, but left his bicycle behind.
Kwabena Nindoo, who owns the goat said he believes Iba impregnated his goat after carefully observing the animal where he kept it after the incident.
“After he raped my goat I kept my animal very safe, I didn’t want it to mingle with the other goats because of the agony it had suffered. No goat came near it in the period it was under my watch and so I have no doubt that it was Yasaa who has impregnated my goat,” he said.
Nindoo said he has reported to the Police and the Chief of the area about the matter.
The Chief and his elders are said to have invited Iba in order to find out the allegation. They reportedly vowed to deal with him if found guilty.

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