Mystery Lady Found Near-Dead In Lagos

A young lady was found lying unconscious on the roadside along Obafemi Awolowo Road, in Ikeja area of Lagos. The lady, whose identity was unknown, had bruises around her knee and feet.imgxx1

Witnesses gave different accounts of what happened to her.

Hope Adegoke, who works around the area, said someone purported seeing the lady washed off her injury with a sachet of pure water shortly before passing out.

“I was told she was pushed away from a vehicle, but don’t know if it was from a commercial passenger bus. She seems dressed for work, which made us believe she could have been manhandled before sustaining that knee injury,” Adegoke said.imgxx3

Another witness, Segun Adebowale said the lady was pushed off a moving vehicle.

Moreover, help came for the lady after a bystander called the Lagos Ambulance Service, which arrived promptly. The health attendants resuscitated the lady, who couldn’t answer the barrage of questions asked her in order to ascertain what had happened to her.

She was eventually laid on a stretcher and carried off into the waiting ambulance for proper medical care.

By Etiosa Igunma

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