Obama, US Congress Disagree Over Terrorism Bill


US President Barack Obama and the US Congress are set up for a showdown over a bill allowing victims of September 11 attack sue Saudi Arabia. President Obama, Friday, vetoed the bill, titled ‘Justice Against Sponsors Of Terrorism Act’ passed by the congress. The president said assenting to the bill will hurt relationship with anti-terror allied nations and allow indiscriminate law suits against the US, diplomats, members of Us military or companies.

“Removing sovereign immunity in U.S. courts from foreign governments that are not designated as state sponsors of terrorism, based solely on allegations that such foreign governments’ actions abroad had a connection to terrorism-related injuries on U.S. soil, threatens to undermine these longstanding principles that protect the United States, our forces, and our personnel,” Obama said in a statement.

The bill was made following suspicion that Saudi government backed the September 11 attacks, as 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals.

However, two-thirds of the lawmakers in both the Senate and House can vote to override the US president.

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