Recession: Experts Say Rise In Mental Illness Cases

Nigeria’s current economic recession has added to cases mental illness, medical officers have told Newsbreak.Ng.

According to the officials, there have been reported cases of people losing their minds due to their inability to cope with the harsh economic downturn.

Talabi Olakunle, head nurse, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, said depression in the sufferers are majorly responsible for their subsequent mental challenge.

“Depression is the major thing nowadays, and many of such cases are attributable to loneliness and excessive brooding over issues the sufferers are very emotional about. Also, many people are facing challenges due to the economic recession in the country”, Olakunle said.

Moreover, Olakunle cited substance abuse as another reason for reported mental health issues.

“There was a lady who took to smoking Indian hemp after failing her Joint Matriculation and Admissions Board, JAMB, exam.

“She was just saying, ‘JAMB Jammed me four times’ (meaning she flunked the JAMB exam)”, he said.

Another Psychiatric expert, Dr. Matanmi Moyosore, corroborates Olakunke’s statement.

Moyosore said that stress has become very prevalent in Nigeria, especially due to financial hardship. “Stress is everywhere; agony, oppression and people easily becoming irritated.”


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