REVEALED: British Women Hunt Male Migrants For Sex

By Ola Adeola

British aid workers in the Calais Jungle have been accused of having sex with male migrants. Some of the volunteer aid workers sometimes romp with multiple partners a day, a report by TheSUN said.

The lid was blown off the hidden the sex adventure by a whistleblower, who posted it to Facebook.  The post female and male volunteers of using camp prostitutes and sleeping with multiple migrants in a day. But, female volunteers allegedly having sex with male migrants is said to be the most common combination for the trysts.

One volunteer said to have a “bad reputation” for romping with refugees was asked to leave the camp.

Another male worker had to be “persuaded not to return” owing to his behaviour with female migrants.

The Facebook post originally read: “I have heard of boys, believed to be under the age of consent, having sex with volunteers.

“I have heard stories of men using the prostitutes in the Jungle too. I have heard of volunteers having sex with multiple partners in one day, only to carry on in the same vein the following day.

“And I also know that I’m only hearing a small part of a wider scale of abuse.

“Sex from a person who is in a position of power or influence, in such a one-sided affair, especially where it is perceived that aid or better aid can be gained from it, that it is, and can be defined as sexual abuse.”

A number of volunteers vehemently criticised the whistleblower for discussing the allegations in public, the tabloid reported.

But, one volunteer defended him claiming: “It always really worries me that we’re more concerned with the press/our reputation than we are with the sexual abuse itself.”


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